Punjab Kushti / Wrestling
Mazaar, Pir Baba Haji Rattan, Bathinda City

Situated between the Civil Hospital and the grain Market. It attracts devotees from all faiths. Baba Haji Rattan had visited Mecca as an ambassador of Raja Bhoj. On returning to India he had settled at Bhatinda. The Mazaar ( mausoleum) marks the site where the Peer used to meditate. The place is halloed by the visits of the 1st and the 10th Prophets of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
Rauza Sharif, Sirhind

Can be reached both from Patiala, 50 Kms north as well as from Chandigarh by road and by train. The magnificent and spacious Rauza is a mausoleum which commemorates the burial place of Mujadid-alf-Saani Sheikh Ahmed Farooqi, Kabuli, Sirhindi who lived during the reigns of Akbar and Jahangir from 1563 to 1634. The old mosque in the vicinity is extant, so are several cenotaphs. The tomb of the Shah Zaman, one of the Kings of Afghanistan indicates that the Rauza was once considered a propitious burial place of high and mighty. Some Muslim sects place it, next only to the Mecca in reverence. A great Urs is held here every August yearly.


Near Batala on Amritsar-Gurdaspur road. Little over one hour's drive from Amritsar can also be reached by rail. Qadian is the home of the Ahmediya sect of the Muslims founded by Sheikh Ahmed Qadiani towards the end of the 19th Century. Quadian is actually a town-ship with remarkable structures. The soaring Minar-i-Qadian, the Ahmediya mosque and tomb of the founder epitomise its soul. Ahemdiya flourishing all over the world congregate here in the last week of December.

The Moorish Mosque, Kapurthala City

Situated near the railway station it was built in 1930 during the reign of the last Maharaja of Kapurthala, Jagatjit Singh. He had employed a French architect Manteaux who followed the design of the great Qutbiya Mosque, at Marakesh in Moracco. The inner dome of the mosque was decorated with designs composed by the artists of the Mayo School of Arts, Lahore.

Imam Nasir Mausoleum and Jamma Masjid, Jalandhar City

The beautifully designed mausoleum of Imam Nasir and the Jama Masjid are both located in the heart of the Jalandhar city. According to archaeologists the former is 800 year and the latter 400 years old.

Chilla Baba Seikh Farid, Faridkot City

A small monument which commemorates the visit of the great saint Baba Farid. Baba Seikh Farid Shakarganj was famous as the Sufi Saint of Pakpattan, near Multan (now in Pakistan). On his way to Hansi and Delhi, the Baba had halted at this place for some time. The city of Faridkot is named after him. His divine couplets are included in the scripture of the Sikhs.